Sig Saur P320 Review

Sig Sauer P320: An Expert Comprehensive Review

Are you in the market for a new handgun but brain-wrecked by the countless options available? Look no further. In this expert comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at one of the most popular handgun on the market – the Sig Sauer P320.

From its features and designs to its reliability and performance, we will be going through every nook and cranny of the Sig handgun to let you make the right decision. Let’s get into why it’s a top choice for gun enthusiasts and whether or not it’s worth all the hype.

Why is Sig Sauer P320 so Popular?

While the majority of times a gun model is incredibly popular due to its effective performance, those of Sig Sauer P320 model have this appeal due to the establishing of guns that are more effective and the production of guns that surpass the necessary parts which helps the owner to operate the gun smoothly.

It should be noted that any conversation about the Sig P320 series can’t be overshadowed in mentioning the Sig P250. In 2007 saw the emergence of the P250 featuring the double-action hammer-fired modular handgun which could be transitioned into safe-state and fired from a halfway notch within the middle of the trigger pull.

The P320, though it was not a big hit financially, created conditions for the inclusion of the P320 which appeared in the next stage. SigSauer P320’s modular functionality sets it apart from most of its competitors. The pistol’s serial number, trigger, and accessory rails are all pre-installed in the modular fire control unit. The unit becomes a serial component to a P320 due to this.

The frame of a handgun less than a thousand other brands would consider it a serial component. That is why with a serial number, the comfort of using a variety of Compact frames can occur directly through the internet.

Since 2014, the Sig P320 has become a staple in firearm industries and the company has demonstrated its dedication through its engineering and production process. It is by far one of the best home defense pistols. The Sig gun is produced from good quality materials and quality control checks are performed to ensure that it is produced and also guarantee that it is dependable and long-lasting.

Key Specifications of Sig Sauer P320

Category Specs
Weight 1 lb., 13.6 oz
Height 5.5 inches
Width 1.3 inches
Barrel 4.7 inches
Capacity 17+1 rounds
Overall Length 8 inches
Finish Coyote-tan, PVD coated stainless steel slide
Sights SIGLITE front; removable Night Sight rear plate
Type Striker-fired semi automatic
Cartridge 9mm Luger

Features and Design

The full size sig sauer 9mm models are exceptional. It has two great 10 round magazines, a keyed cable lock, a kydex holster, an orange chamber flag, and a handbook. It comes in a rather durable plastic container.

For starters, the included holster is rubbish, so let’s talk about that for a minute. Low-quality and poorly manufactured. It is terrible that firearm retention does not work to keep the gun safe.

It is also a waste of time to attach the paddle to the holster. It has been collecting dust ever since we gave it a try. All things considered, it would have been preferable if SIG had dropped the price by $50 instead of bothering to include the holster.

Let’s get into the features of our gun:

1. Safety

Safety features sig sauer p320

The firing pin, trigger bar, and other standard safety measures of the Sig Sauer P320 make the gun just as safe as other handguns in the Sig lineup.

One feature that sets this handgun apart from other striker-fired weapons is its single-piece trigger which makes it one of the most accurate pistols ever. Unlike the common two-piece hinged trigger of the Glock and M&P designs, which incorporates a safety device to regulate the striker, the gun’s trigger pack has a single piece trigger.

All of this gun’s safety features are genuinely passive and work without the shooter’s involvement. This results in a very smooth and reliable trigger that is available in small bladed or regular short reach designs.

2. Grip Frames

Grip Frames Sig Saur P320

You just can’t help but be amazed by what Sig Sauer P320 grip frame has done for the users of the gun. These gun parts, according to the users, just like Lego pieces for your firearm, are available as a parlor game where you can expose your creative self by changing the parts. It doesn’t matter the size of your hands.

You will feel that you are holding core parts of your love. Oh, we dare say it feels crucial when you find yourselves in a training situation within your gun club or otherwise.

Proper grip alignment enables the gun to land naturally in your hand and provide you with the best fit possible. Among the other great things is how, in addition to their naturalness, the grip frames are sturdy. Through our test shots, we really hammered the P320. Nevertheless, these frames stayed in place like champions.

They just kept going, whether it’s being roughed up in training or facing the weather on a day spent at the outdoor range.

Additionally, there is a wide selection of colors and styles if you want to customize your equipment. It’s a little detail, but it gives your gun some individuality. All things considered, the Sig Sauer P320’s grip frames are a notable characteristic that makes this gun unique.

3. Fire Control & Caliber

Fire Control and Caliber

What makes this gun a “gun” is one of its most interesting qualities. The portion with the serial number on it is considered the gun by the ATF. It implies that everything else is only a component. Not only is the grip frame missing, but the slide is not serialized either.

By simply switching out the slides and magazines, you may use this weapon to fire any common calibers. Not just a few panels, but the whole grip may be altered to better fit the rifle in your hand. They’re known by Sig as Caliber X-Change kits.

Sig provides caliber change kits sig sauer 9mm, .380acp, .40s&w, and.357 Sig in addition to kits to change sizes for full size, compact, and subcompact firearms. The grip module, replacement slide, and appropriate magazine for the caliber and grip size are all included in the kits.

Although Sig has stated that.45 ACP kits would be available “shortly,” it should be remembered that this has been the case for the past two years, so it’s possible that this may take longer than expected. As of right now, you are unable to switch your P320 from.45 ACP to any other caliber. Likewise, you cannot convert your P320 to.45 ACP if it isn’t already.

This system is a smart approach, yet it functions well. For example, to convert a Glock, you select the caliber your gun can handle and require a new magazine and barrel. With this approach, you may save several hundred dollars compared to purchasing a new firearm. Purchasing a Caliber X-Change kit only saves you about $175. If you wish to switch to a different size or caliber, you might as well purchase a new firearm.

4. Magwell


The Sig P320 Compact has a very typical magazine well. It has absolutely no genuine bevel on it. Having said that, the regular magazine’s top is trimmed really well. You may really utilize the instructions on the rear of the well to assist with inserting the magazine.

Inserting this magazine is not the simplest task in the world. It lacks the large magazine well of a Glock 19 Gen5 or even a Sig P320 XCarry. Reloading the Sig P320 Compact is not difficult for me because of the tiny magwell. It’s still rather simple to insert the magazine into this rifle.

5. Reliability & Accuracy

Reliability and Accuracy

These two regions are tied for second position in terms of priority, for obvious reasons.
The P320 was significantly more accurate, as one might anticipate. From five yards to twenty-five, it always struck everything you asked it to.

In standard military training, the P320 has been subjected to several knocks. It has been tipped over and knocked about; it has become muddy, damp, and coated with snow. And it has always worked perfectly.

This is a rather excellent track record when it comes to dependability, and some may view it as sufficient evidence. However, we prefer to go above what is considered appropriate gun use here at caliber.

6. Ergonomics

Semi-automatic pistols are much the same. It is true that they all have somewhat varying grip angles, shapes, and bore axes; also, buttons and levers may have slightly different forms and locations.

However, they are all essentially the same. We think that a person should be able to shoot any pistol if they can shoot one. similar to vehicles. Although they are all a little bit different from one another, you should be able to drive them all if you can drive one.

Having said that, a gun’s comfort and well-positioned controls are a pleasant plus. The P320 is another example of the comfortable firearms that SIG is known for producing.

Dissatisfied with adjustable back-straps and other parts, SIG went one step further with this new gun’s customisation by making movable frames. Small, medium, and large grip sizes are available for the P320, and they are all entirely interchangeable without requiring the replacement of the slide assembly, FCU, or magazines. With its rounded, nicely-stippled grip, a medium-sized frame fits the average-sized gloves like a glove, and it should fit the majority of shooters as well.

For lefties, the magazine release is conveniently positioned and reversible. The position of the completely ambidextrous slide lock is ideal for me, even if we had some trouble using the thumb to operate it at first.

7. Sights

The Sig P320 Compact’s sights are typical metal three-dot sights. A blacked-out back would have been much better, but they’re still not awful. This would have greatly improved the sight image.

You’ll find the back dots annoying and overwhelming, so to make them less eye-straining. The good news is that this rifle has an abundance of aftermarket sight alternatives.

For this rifle, sight manufacturers almost universally produce them. Though they are the sole manufacturer offering aftermarket sight alternatives, Glock does have the Sig P320 Compact beat.

Final Verdict

The Army’s new sidearm, the striker-fired P320 from Sig Sauer, is a popular carry pistol for good reason. It is accurate, dependable, and modular. There are several versions available to meet your needs, yet some hand sizes may have ergonomic concerns.

This is an excellent choice if you are thinking of buying your first firearm. Proceed with it if you’re a collector or if you just enjoy this pistol! In our opinion, the Army also made a wise choice. If you currently own a Glock or M&P and are fine with it, this pistol is different but not an improvement.

This is an excellent carry gun that’s a decent substitute for an M&P or Glock. Since the market price of an X-Change kit is about equal to the cost of a new pistol, we advise you to get the frame size and caliber you choose.


Q. What’s the best sig sauer pistol?

The best SIG Sauer pistol is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs.

Q. Is sig sauer a good gun?

Yes, SIG Sauer is generally regarded as a high-quality firearm manufacturer.

Q. Is sig sauer a good brand?

SIG Sauer is considered a reputable and reliable brand in the firearms industry.

Q. What is the best SIG for concealed carry?

The best SIG for concealed carry varies, but popular options include the P365 and P320 series.

Q. What is the most accurate Sig Sauer 9mm?

The SIG Sauer P210 is often praised for its accuracy in 9mm.

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