Springfield M1A 10-20 308WIN Magazine


CA Legal Springfield M1A 10-20 308WIN Magazine!

Springfield Armory M1A 10/20 7.62mm NATO 308WIN Steel Magazine!



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California legal Springfield M1A 10-20 308WIN magazine!

California compliant Springfield M1A 10-20 magazine. This is a genuine Springfield Armory magazine for Springfield M1A and M14 rifles.

This Springfield M1A magazine has a 20 round body and has been blocked to 10 rounds in order to comply with magazine limit restrictions in California, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts. This magazine has been modified to be sold in states with magazine capacity restrictions.

Cordelia Gun Exchange blocks the Springfield M1A 10-20 308WIN magazine using a block that is riveted in place. This method meets the requirements of “permanent modification” to a 10 round magazine. Cordelia Gun Exchange ensures that all magazines meet the legal requirements for states having magazine capacity limits, but does not guarantee that all magazines will easily load the maximum number of cartridges. Due to design variations in firearms, fully loaded magazines that have been modified may not insert easily against a closed bolt.

Made in U.S.A.


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