SMG DP28/DPM semi-auto 7.62x54r

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The SMG DP-28 (Degtyaryov Pekhotny, 1928) and its improved version, the DPM (Degtyaryov Pekhotny Modernizirovanny, “modernized infantry”), are Soviet light machine guns that were designed by Vasily Degtyaryov. They were primarily chambered in the 7.62x54mmR cartridge and were used by the Soviet Union and various other countries during the mid-20th century.

  1. DP-28: The original DP-28 was designed in 1928 and was widely used by the Soviet Red Army during World War II. It is a gas-operated, air-cooled, and belt-fed machine gun. The DP-28 had a distinctive circular pan magazine with a capacity of 47 rounds. It was known for its reliability and simplicity of design. The DP-28 was often used as a squad-level light machine gun.
  2. DPM: The DPM is an improved version of the DP-28, with modifications to enhance reliability and ease of production. It was introduced in the late 1920s and saw service during World War II and beyond. The most notable change in the DPM is the use of a drum magazine with a capacity of 47 rounds instead of the original pan magazine. This drum magazine was more reliable and easier to produce than the complex pan magazine of the DP-28.

Regarding the term “semi-auto,” both the DP-28 and DPM are typically fully automatic weapons, capable of firing in full-auto mode, although semi-automatic versions may exist for civilian use in some regions where firearms laws permit them. In semi-automatic mode, the firearm fires one round per trigger pull.


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