OOW 1918A3-SLR BAR 3006 24″ 20RD WLN

The OOW 1918A3-SLR BAR 3006 24″ 20RD WLN is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .30-06 with a 24-inch barrel, featuring a 20-round magazine and a weathered walnut finish.

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The OOW 1918A3-SLR BAR 3006 24″ 20RD WLN is a specific variant of the Ohio Ordnance Works (OOW) 1918A3-SLR BAR semi-automatic rifle chambered in .30-06 Springfield.

  1. Chambering: Chambered in .30-06 Springfield, this rifle uses the powerful and versatile .30-06 cartridge, known for its effectiveness in a variety of applications.
  2. Operation: Like other versions of the 1918A3-SLR, this rifle is semi-automatic, meaning it fires one round per trigger pull, and does not have fully automatic or burst-fire capabilities.
  3. Magazine: The rifle is equipped with a detachable box magazine with a capacity of 20 rounds. This allows for relatively high-capacity firing before needing to reload.
  4. Barrel: The rifle features a 24-inch barrel, which can contribute to improved accuracy and increased muzzle velocity, making it suitable for various shooting applications.
  5. Stock and Furniture: The “WLN” in the description likely refers to the wood furniture on the rifle, including the stock and handguard. This provides the firearm with a classic and historical appearance reminiscent of the original BAR.
  6. Sights: It typically comes with iron sights, including adjustable rear sights for elevation and windage. It may also have options for mounting optics if desired.
  7. Legal Considerations: As with all firearms, it’s important to be aware of and comply with federal, state, and local firearms laws and regulations when owning or purchasing such a firearm.
  8. Availability: The availability of specific configurations and models of the OOW 1918A3-SLR BAR can vary depending on production runs and market demand. Prospective buyers should contact Ohio Ordnance Works or authorized dealers for the most up-to-date information on this particular variant.

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