DSA SA58 FAL 21 Inch Officer Grade

The DSA SA58 FAL 21 Inch Officer Grade Hebrew War Hammer Israeli Light Barrel Rifle is manufactured by DS Arms – All Parts U.S. Made!


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DSA SA58 riflesDSA SA58 Rifles

Exceed the quality of any FAL type rifle ever produced. We specialize in manufacturing and modernization of Proven Legacy systems like the venerable FAL rifle.

Classics still have their place, So with this in mind DSA created a line of SA58 rifles that mirror the configurations of the rifles imported into the USA during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s which provide the look and feel of an original FAL rifle. Now it’s possible to own a reasonably priced DSA SA58 that will look and feel like a classic, and perform better than an original. Since 1954 the FAL battle rifle and it’s many variants have served in every corner of the globe, in more then 90 countries.

DSA SA58 FAL 21″ Israeli Light Barrel Rifle – Officer Grade Hebrew War Hammer

Production lead time for NEW orders of this rifle is starting at approximately 8 to 10 weeks from date of order. Existing orders are being worked on now and will be filled in the order in which we received them. We are in a constant state of manufacturing and assembly for this rifle and are doing our best to provide you with your War Hammer as quickly as we are able to. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.
The Hebrew War Hammer
Rifle collectors and shooters, now you can own a real piece of Israeli history. The first rifle Israel made to protect the Holy Land!

An authentic Israeli FAL rifle just like it was issued during the 6 Day War. These are the very rare standard or light barreled version. Only extremely low quantities of complete rifles in semi auto were ever imported prior to the 1989 import ban, they bring well over $2,000.00.

These are much rarer than the heavy barrel models occasionally seen on the market which bring premiums. We have recreated this proven piece of functional history right down to the proper barrel with the bayonet lug on the bottom. These rifles feature the original finish.

In addition the upper receiver is engraved with the proper markings just as they were made.

These treasures of history and freedom were saved from the smelter and chipper. Out of all the FAL’s produced worldwide only a small quantity were Israeli contract or manufactured. This rare duck is sure to appreciate in value!

Don’t be the one that says would of, should of, or could have as there are very limited quantities.

This Officer Grade Rifle is assembled using the very best condition original Israeli Light Barrel parts kits that we have, these are not built using beat up surplus standard FAL kits. Using these fantastic condition parts kits along with top quality DSA parts we have recreated one of the rarest styles of FAL rifles ever produced, the Israeli light barrel pattern FAL. The Officer Grade Rifle also features an upper receiver & top cover finished in Matte Black DuraCoat finish. This finish not only provides an extra layer of protection but gives the Officer Grade Rifle the “original” painted look these guns had when first issued! The wood is in original surplus condition and will have actual military character which means except some scratches, dents & dings from storage and handling not from being used and abused. The Officer Grade Rifle comes standard with the original Israeli furniture installed and a New U.S. Made Belgian Style Black Synthetic Furniture set. Within a few short minutes you can take your original looking Hebrew War Hammer and convert it to the Iconic Traditional Belgium Style FN FAL Rifle! Whether heading to maneuvers in the Sinai or going on parade along the streets of Tel Aviv the Officer Grade Rifle has you covered. Top quality DSA parts and Israeli parts kit built into a factory produced rifle that’s the best of both worlds!

DSA SA58 FAL 21 Inch Officer Grade Specifications:
  • 21″ New U.S. Manufactured Barrel
  • 7.62x51mm NATO Chamber & Bore
  • Threaded Muzzle – Traditional 9/16×24 Left
  • Bayonet Lug
  • Belgian Style Combo Device Flash Hider Installed
  • Type 1 Carry Handle Cut Receiver – Featuring Israeli Markings and a Matte Black DuraCoat Finish
  • New U.S. Made Israeli Length Gas Piston
  • Original Israeli Forward Assist Cocking Handle
  • Original Israeli Steel Lower Trigger Frame, with Original Internals
  • Original Israeli Wooden Handguard & Buttstock Installed
  • Includes ONE Original Handguard/Gas Tube Support Ring, as what was included in the original kit this rifle is built using
  • New U.S. Manufactured Metric Pistol Grip
  • Includes as an extra New U.S. Made glass filled polymer Bipod Cut Belgian Style Handguard Set & Humpback Buttstock, Included but not installed.
  • Very Good Condition Surplus 20 Round Magazine Body with New U.S. Made Follower, Spring & Floor Plate
  • Includes: Sling, Owner’s Manual & Hard Case



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