DSA SA58 FAL 18 Inch PARA CONGO Edition


The DSA SA58 FAL 18 Inch PARA CONGO Edition Rifle exceed the quality of any FAL type rifle produced for California! Featureless FAL with 10/20 Magazine! Manufactured by DS Arms – All Parts U.S. Made!

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DSA SA58 riflesDSA SA58 rifles

Exceed the quality of any FAL type rifle ever produced. We specialize in manufacturing and modernization of Proven Legacy systems like the venerable FAL rifle. Classics still have their place, so with this in mind DSA created a line of SA58™ rifles that mirror the configurations of the rifles imported into the USA during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s which provide the look and feel of an original FAL rifle. Now it’s possible to own a reasonably priced DSA SA58 that will look and feel like a classic, and perform better than an original. Since 1954 the FAL battle rifle and it’s many variants have served in every corner of the globe, in more then 90 countries.


DSA SA58 PARA CONGO Edition 18″ Rifle

The DSA SA58 FAL 18 Inch PARA CONGO Edition rifle standard configuration includes:
  • 18″ Premium Traditional Profile Barrel.
  • Barrel Features Bi-Pod Cut & Front Sling Swivel.
  • Barrel Threaded 9/16×24 LEFT.
  • 7.62 X 51mm NATO.
  • 4140 Fully Machined & Heat Treated Cast Steel Type 1 or Type 2 Receiver – Carry Handle or Non Carry Handle Cut.
  • Belgian Style Carry Handle Included.
  • Traditional Folding Cocking Handle Included.
  • Belgian Style Combo Device Flash Hider.
  • U.S. Made Glass Filled Nylon Pistol Grip.
  • U.S. Made Glass Filled Nylon Reinforced Full Length Handguards.
  • Traditional FAL PARA Folding Buttstock.
  • Light Weight Alloy Lower Trigger Frame.
  • 10/20 Round Metric Magazine.
  • Owners Manual, Hard Case & Sling Included.
  • Matte Black Duracoat Finish Included.


Overall length37.5″
Folded length28.5″
Overall weight8.76 lbs
Sights radius22″
Length of pull14.25″




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