Cheytac M200 Intervention 375Cheytac FDE

The CheyTac M200 Intervention 375Cheytac FDE is a semi-automatic rifle that is based on the CheyTac M200 Intervention, a bolt-action sniper rifle that is chambered in either the .408 CheyTac or .375 CheyTac cartridge. The CheyTac M200 Intervention is a re-engineered version of the EDM Arms Windrunner, a gas-operated, belt-fed, fully automatic weapon that was used by the military and law enforcement.


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The CheyTac M200 Intervention chambered in .375 CheyTac with an “FDE” (Flat Dark Earth) finish is a variant of the CheyTac M200 Intervention rifle, which is designed for extreme long-range precision shooting. Here are the key features of the CheyTac M200 Intervention chambered in .375 CheyTac with an FDE finish.

  1. Chambering: The CheyTac M200 Intervention is chambered in .375 CheyTac, which is a high-performance cartridge designed for extreme long-range accuracy and effectiveness.
  2. Operation: Typically, the M200 operates as a bolt-action rifle, meaning the shooter manually operates the bolt to load and eject cartridges. Bolt-action rifles are known for their precision and reliability.
  3. Barrel: The M200 Intervention is equipped with a long barrel, typically around 29 to 30 inches in length, which helps maximize accuracy and muzzle velocity.
  4. Finish: The “FDE” finish indicates that this particular variant of the M200 has a Flat Dark Earth finish. FDE is a popular color choice in the firearms industry, offering a subdued and earth-toned appearance.
  5. Magazine: The rifle may feature a detachable box magazine, and the magazine capacity can vary depending on the specific model and configuration.
  6. Stock and Chassis: The M200 typically features a precision stock or chassis system that is adjustable to accommodate the shooter’s preferences and requirements.
  7. Sights: These rifles often come with Picatinny or MIL-STD-1913 rails, allowing for the attachment of various optics and scopes customized for long-range shooting.
  8. Extreme Long-Range Capability: The CheyTac M200 Intervention is designed for extreme long-range precision shooting, capable of accurately engaging targets at distances well beyond 2,000 yards/meters.
  9. Legal Considerations: Ownership and use of firearms like the CheyTac M200 Intervention are subject to strict firearms regulations in many countries. Always comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the possession and use of such firearms.
  10. Availability: The CheyTac M200 Intervention is a specialized and limited-production firearm. Availability can be limited, and pricing is typically high due to its precision and performance capabilities. Prospective buyers should contact CheyTac or authorized dealers for information on availability and pricing.


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