Cheytac M200 Intervention 375Cheytac Custom Color

The Cheytac M200 Intervention 375Cheytac Custom is a variant of the Cheytac M200 Intervention, a bolt-action sniper rifle designed for extreme long-range shooting. The rifle is chambered in the.375 Cheytac cartridge, which has a flatter trajectory and higher ballistic coefficient than the.408 Cheytac cartridge.


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The CheyTac M200 Intervention chambered in .375 CheyTac as a “custom” variant indicates a rifle that has been extensively modified or tailored to meet specific preferences or requirements. Custom firearms are typically modified or built to provide unique features, enhanced performance, and individualized design.

  1. Chambering: The CheyTac M200 Intervention chambered in .375 CheyTac uses a specialized cartridge known for its long-range capabilities and impressive ballistics.
  2. Customization: Custom firearms can feature various modifications and enhancements to improve accuracy, ergonomics, and overall performance. These modifications can include custom stocks, barrels, triggers, finishes, and other components.
  3. Operation: The M200 Intervention is typically a bolt-action rifle, appreciated for its precision and reliability. The bolt-action design allows for smooth and precise manual cycling of the bolt to load and eject cartridges.
  4. Barrel: Custom barrels may be selected to meet specific accuracy and performance requirements. Barrel length, twist rate, and other specifications can be tailored to the shooter’s needs.
  5. Stock and Chassis: Custom stocks or chassis systems are often added or modified to provide a comfortable and stable shooting platform. These can be designed to accommodate unique preferences and shooting styles.
  6. Sights and Optics: Custom rifles often include high-quality optics and sighting systems that are matched to the shooter’s intended use, whether it’s long-range target shooting, competition, or precision hunting.
  7. Magazine: Magazine systems may be customized to optimize feeding and reliability, and magazine capacity can be chosen based on the shooter’s preferences and local regulations.
  8. Extreme Long-Range Capability: The CheyTac M200 Intervention is designed for extreme long-range shooting, and customizations can further enhance its performance at extended ranges.
  9. Legal Considerations: Ownership and use of custom firearms are subject to firearms regulations in many countries. Always ensure that custom modifications comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding firearm customization and ownership.
  10. Availability: Custom firearms are often built to order or modified by skilled gunsmiths or custom shops. Availability and pricing can vary widely depending on the specific customizations and modifications requested.


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