Kalashnikov USA

Kalashnikov USA is a true world class firearms manufacturing company. We produce exceptional firearms based on the Kalashnikov platform that are available to civilians, military and law enforcement agencies. Our firearms are built on the true, original Russian designs – not copies or kits of Kalashnikov rifles and shotguns. Our customers deserve authentic, quality builds – and these are designed to satisfy the American quest for Kalashnikov platforms.
Our management team at Kalashnikov USA™ has a combined 110 years of experience in the firearms industry. Our passion for the industry we work in and the products we produce flows through our entire company. At Kalashnikov USA™ it’s all about the details and pride in the firearms we produce. It’s not uncommon for our team to debate two weeks over the size of a rivet because we know our customers are true “AK enthusiasts” just like we are.
At Kalashnikov USA™ we combine Russian design and heritage with our uniquely American innovation to create firearms our customers desire with the reliability they expect. Our diverse team at Kalashnikov USA™ is comprised of industry veterans, gun enthusiasts, military veterans and engineers who all share our passion in producing Kalashnikov platform firearms. Before ever leaving the factory, each of our firearms meets and must exceed our quality control. This commitment to excellence doesn’t end at our factory doors. We welcome our customers to engage with us and become part of the Kalashnikov USA™ family.
Made in the U.S.A. That’s what we’re proud to say. Every firearm Kalashnikov USA makes is made here in Florida under our strong quality control by American workers. The Kalashnikov USA family believes in the products we’re making and we take great pride in delivering the firearms our customers are demanding.