Cross Armory

Cross Armory STOCK LOCK for M4 Rifles

Make your AR15, AR10 or M4 rifle Legal in California with Cross Armory products!

With the same goal in mind

We launched Cross Armory Quick Pins and Safe Mag in 2017. Further, troubling number of states have been passing laws intended to inconvenience legal owners of guns. While we cannot do anything about the laws, we can try to return some of the convenience and pleasure you enjoyed when the gun purchased. Quick Pins and Safe Mag engineered as modifications to standard AR-15 designs. Ease of installation and dependable & efficient functionality are top priorities.

Cross Armory Mission

Our mission at Cross Engineering is to invent weapon modifications and accessories that improve on existing weapon systems.
Cross Engineering develops products under its Cross Armory brand with the simple purpose of improving the shooting experience. We started with an idea for a single product, the Cross Armory Thumb Grip.

Cross Armory Safe MAG AR15 M4 MAG Lock System

With pistol shooting evolving

Toward a “Best surface contact” style, we wanted to develop a way to use our off hand in a more efficient way. Further, getting in this “full contact” position comfortably, without contacting the moving slide.
Professionals and Special Forces have used this style for years now, but without the help of aiming accessories. We wanted to put the power back in our hands, both of them.
Getting the off hand up to the barrel height and forward is the main goal. This position should aid accuracy and improve the users response to recoil. In particular, this will help to make hitting the target more likely. With better control of the recoil the target can re-acquire more quickly. Keeping us on target.