AR Maglock

AR Maglock Installed on AR15

Importantly, CA Department of Justice Registration is not an option as of July 01, 2018. Moreover,
AR Maglock is the perfect solution for your AR Firearms.

AR Maglock Installed on AR15


Not to mention, It also features a Delrin roller that will protect the upper receiver from wear and tear.
– Auto magazine drop
– Fast magazine changes (as fast as OEM mag release button)
– Keeping your important bolt catch
– Bolt hold back on last round
– Clear access to your safety selector
Likewise, locking kits patented under USPTO patent number: 8,756,845.

Live fire operation:

WARNING / DISCLAIMER: NEVER while the action is open have the safety “OFF”, and NEVER pull the trigger. For safety reasons, never disassemble your firearm while loaded. Please make sure and check that all rounds removed before disassembly of the action.

Furthermore always observe the 4 rules of firearm safety:

1. Treat the firearm as if it is ALWAYS loaded
2. Never point it at anything you do not intend to destroy
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
4. Know your target and it’s surroundings