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Colt Anaconda

A Detailed Review of Colt Anaconda: The Big Snake Gun

We hold a very particular place in our hearts for Colt revolvers. It is a palpable representation of dependability and skill. We were thrilled when Colt resumed manufacturing revolvers in 2017, and we have since fired every model they have made. And then Colt brought back one of our favorites, the Anaconda, earlier in 2021.

These snake weapons have demonstrated both their durability and, more importantly, their uniqueness. You might wonder how special it is. Indeed, more guns manufactured a few decades ago are being sold now than they were when they were first manufactured.

Regretfully, the Colt Anaconda, the sibling species of the Colt Python, has sadly always been marginalized. To be sure,.357 is more common among magnum enthusiasts than.44, at least according to sales statistics.

However, we will discuss the Anaconda and the reasons you should be aware of it. We’ll review the features and specifications and take it to the range.

Pros Cons
Sturdy built High price
Upgraded design Exposed back strap
Great trigger handling Available only in stainless variant
Better accuracy
Replaceable and Adjustable sights

For those who prefer revolvers, Colt’s Anaconda is a respectable wheelgun with a lot of promise. Its polish would be a lovely addition to any collection, and its fit is excellent.

Colt Anaconda: Variants and Specifications

The big MM-framed handgun was not intended to be carried in a soldier’s or police officer’s holster. It was advertised for use in sporting activities including hunting.

Colt was aware that it would take a law enforcement officer a long time to carry it due to its size and weight. Not to be outdone by Dirty Harry, it was also excessively potent in its.44 Magnum chambering for police usage.

From the start and up to 1999, the Anaconda was a hunting rifle. But if you really wanted one, you could acquire one from the Colt Custom Shop until 2003. We find it a little strange that a hunter’s gun would be designed with such a highly polished stainless finish.

Colt Anaconda 4 inch

colt anaconda 4inch
Category Specifications
Barrel Length 4 inches
Capacity 6 rounds
Caliber .44 mag/ .44 spl
Height 6 inches
Frame Material Polished Stainless Steel
Grips Rubber
Width 1.75 inches
Overall length 9.5 inches
Weight 53 ounces
Sights Replaceable back front blade with set screw; adjustable rear sight

Colt Anaconda 6 inch

Colt Anaconda 6inch
Category Specifications
Barrel Description 1:20 LH, 6 Groove
Barrel Length 6 inches
Capacity 6 rounds
Finish Semi bright
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Grips Hogue Target
Stock Height 7.25 inches
Width 2.75 inches
Overall length 13 inches
Weight 53 ounces
Magazine type Fixed
Stock Material Polymer / Rubber

Colt Anaconda 8 inch

Colt Anaconda 8inch
Category Specifications
Barrel Length 8 inches
Trigger 5.75-lb. single-action pull
Capacity 6 rounds
Caliber .44 Magnum
Height 7.25 inches
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Finish Semi-bright stainless steel
Grips Rubber stocks
Width 2.75 inches
Overall length 15.5 inches
Weight 46 ounces
Sights Fully adjustable rear, red ramp front

Like the Python, the Anaconda features a smooth 9.5-pound DA pull and a single-action (SA) draw weight of 5.1 pounds. It does this by using a U-shaped, dual-action leaf spring. Barrel lengths of Colt Anaconda 6 inches and 8 inches are available. My 6-inch version weighs 59 ounces empty and measures 13 inches overall. That’s one hell of a six-gun.

Stainless steel with a semi-bright polish is used in its forging, and Colt claims that the frame has been bulked up to accommodate.44 Magnum cartridges continuously. Naturally, you can also make advantage of .44 Unique and balanced .44 Russian ammo with less recoil. The ramp front sight features a red insert, and the vent-rib barrel’s muzzle has a recessed target crown.

Compared to my Smith & Wesson Model 29, the Anaconda has a .2 inch longer cylinder, which means we can employ longer, heavier rounds. In addition to adding weight, the extra .2 inch of steel in the cylinder helps to moderate the recoil of any loads you choose to shoot. For the record, the N-frame Smith & Wesson’s HKS speedloaders are still compatible with the Anaconda’s slightly bigger diameter cylinder.

Who Can Use It?

The Colt Anaconda is a good fit for those that prefer to hunt with revolvers or those that love that Colt look and feel. It’s a great addition to Colt’s snake guns series and would be a fun companion.

Design & Feel

With a contemporary twist, the Colt Anaconda has a timeless appearance and feel. You can comb your hair in its mirror due to its bright and reflective surface. It takes close examination to discern the points where items have been connected, but the fit is impressive.

Locked cylinder? Just one word. Sturdy. As mentioned earlier, the finish is excellent. But if a highly pretty pistol had a bad trigger, where would it be?

Fortunately, nothing wrong here. One of the greatest revolver triggers we’ve ever seen right out of the box is this one. The trigger will not allow you to stray from your aim, so if you are drawing down on a large doe, you have every opportunity of placing the bullet exactly where your sights are positioned.

Remember that the trigger is very light, especially when using the gun in single-action mode, so take care not to fire a round too soon downrange! Its front and back sights work flawlessly for what they were designed to do—freeze venison. There’s always sight paint if the back blade is too dark for you.

My sole complaint is that, in my experience, heavy-recoiling revolvers with exposed steel backstraps transfer more felt recoil than backstraps that are covered. This is because the grip does not cover the backstrap.

The 6-inch barrel of the Anaconda is flawless. There are moments when we wish our 8-plus-inch S&W had a 6-inch barrel since it is difficult to holster with such a long barrel.


Anaconda is a smooth player when it comes to shooting. But have we now established a case for cops to forgo their Glocks and double the weight of their revolver by acquiring a Colt Anaconda? Not really, especially in light of all the equipment and devices that police officers now need to carry along. However, what about people who visit America’s more expansive parks?

We loaded it with two.44 Magnum loads: a handload of the sturdy 240-grain cast bullets and a factory aluminum-cased 240-grain JHP from CCI.

While testing the Anaconda, we checked two factors that led to reevaluating its potential as carry guns. The first was that the 4-inch-barreled Anaconda could fire more than 100 full-power rounds in a single range session. We shot 44 Mag loads, something we haven’t been able to or willing to do for around 20 years.

The recoil was as expected; not particularly strong, but enough that you wouldn’t want to give the rifle to a novice without making a hole in it.The cylinder has 44 specials.

Although our signature appeared a little odd when we signed out of the range, both hands were essentially working normally. That often refers to a fully loaded vehicle’s extra capabilities.44 Mag. are accessible and doable for the majority of people who might require them.

Second, a wide range of.44 Spl. ammunition is available, ranging from lead bullets with standard weight to jacketed hollow points with lower recoil and lighter weight that are intended to expand greatly. This may not persuade anyone to switch from their 9 millimeter to a magnum revolver, but it can serve as a reminder of the capabilities of the.44 Mag. for those who think they might be required.

Final Verdict

For a hunter that likes revolver handguns, the Anaconda is nearly PERFECT. Nowadays where “toy-like plastic guns” is all we see, lightning-fast new cartridges, and impressive ballistics, there’s merit in regressing to a more straightforward era where engaging in a satisfying revolver shot was a source of immense joy. It might feel a little warm on your wallet but trust us it’s a deal you won’t regret.


Q. How much is a colt anaconda 44 magnum worth?

The value of a Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum varies, but typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 depending on condition and other factors.

Q. What caliber is a colt anaconda?

The Colt Anaconda is chambered in .44 Magnum.

Q. How durable is the colt anaconda 44 magnum?

The Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum is renowned for its durability, being built to withstand heavy use and recoil.

Q. How much does an 8 inch Colt Anaconda weigh?

An 8-inch Colt Anaconda typically weighs around 4 to 5 pounds.

Q. Where can I get colt anaconda for sale?

Visit and get the colt anaconda at great prices.

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