Best AK-47 Rifles 2023

Our Top 5 Picks for Best AK 47 Rifles in the Market in 2023

Looking to add an AK-47 to your collection? Look no further. After much research and deliberation, we’ve compiled a list of the best AK-47 options for shooters of all levels. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect rifle can be a challenge. Each shooter may have unique requirements and preferences, so it’s important to consider what you need from your firearm.

How much is an AK-47? Overspending can be easy in the gun game, so we’ve carefully selected options that provide great value for your money. In this article, we’ll be listing the Top 5 Best AK-47 Rifles 2023 currently available in the market.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of their unique characteristics, features, strengths, and weaknesses, to help you determine which one best suits your shooting needs and preferences.

Keep in mind that there are always more amazing choices out there, and we’ll continue to update our list to assist you in making the best decision for your needs.

2023 Top 5 Picks for Best AK-47 Rifles

Recommendation Model
Best Seller Arsenal SAM7R 7.62X39 AK47
Editor’s Choice Zastava Arms M70 AK47
Best Polymer Option Kalashnikov USA KALI-103
Best Budget Option Century Arms VSKA
Best AK-47 Variant IWI Galil Ace GEN 2

The AK-47 is an iconic firearm that is highly coveted by gun enthusiasts worldwide. While the AR-15 is widely used in the United States, the AK-47 dominates the global market due to its ease of manufacturing and widespread licensing.

Due to its simple design and widespread availability of manufacturing licenses, the AK-47 has been replicated and modified in countless variations across the world. Today, manufacturers are producing modernized versions of this legendary platform with impressive features and design elements.

It’s fair to say that the AK-47 could easily be considered the ultimate semi-automatic rifle, given its enduring popularity, ease of manufacturing, and constant evolution to meet modern demands.

1. Arsenal SAM7R 7.62X39 AK47

Arsenal SAM7R 7.62X39 AK47

Key Specifications

Length 36.5 inches
Weight 9.45 lbs
Caliber 7.62 x 39 mm
Rifling 4 grooves
Front 14x1mm LH Thread Muzzle Brake
Maximum Range 1,480 yds (1,350 m)
Barrel 16.33 inches
Twist Rate 1:9.44 (1 in 240 mm)
Rate of Fire 40 rds/min (practical)

Despite most AK-producing countries transitioning to modernized AKM rifles, Bulgarian manufacturers have continued to produce milled quality rifles like the Arsenal SAM7R AK-47. This exceptional rifle is built to last, just like the original Soviet platforms it is modeled after.

Constructed with a milled receiver, the Arsenal SAM7R AK-47 boasts exceptional reliability and longevity. This rifle is built like a tank, with a ruggedness that ensures it can withstand heavy use and endure tough conditions. The milled quality of this rifle sets it apart from many other AK-47 variants, providing an exceptional level of durability and performance.

In summary, the Bulgarian-made Arsenal SAM7R AK-47 is a shining example of a rifle that remains true to the original Soviet AK-47 platform. Its milled construction and exceptional build quality make it a reliable and long-lasting option for firearms enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Features of Arsenal SAM7R

  • Bulgarian hot-die hammer forged receiver, bolt, bolt carrier, and double-hook trigger ensure exceptional durability and longevity.
  • 16.3-inch barrel cold hammer-forged at Arsenal’s Bulgarian factory with Steyr manufacturing technology for precision and quality.
  • Hard-chrome plated bore and chamber offer added protection and improved barrel lifespan.
  • Removable 4-port muzzle brake with 14x1mm left-hand threads included.
  • Intermediate length, US-made 10 trapdoor buttstock with 13.4 inches a total length of pull.
  • Substantially extended service life compared to other assemblies.
  • 922(r) compliant for use with both US and imported magazines.
  • Includes AK scope rail for easy customization.

2. Zastava Arms M70 AK47

Zastava Arms M70 AK47

Key Specifications

Length 37 inches
Weight 7.9 lbs
Height 7.25 inches
Caliber 7.62 x 39mm
Magazine 10-round standard AK magazine
Rifling Four-groove; 1:10-inch RH Twist
Receiver 1.5mm bulged front trunnion stamped receiver
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel 16.3 inches
Sights Adjustable front & rear iron sights

In the past, the Zastava PAP series was imported and distributed by Century Arms. However, in 2018, Zastava USA, the US subsidiary of Zastava Arms, began producing the Serbian-made ZPAP M70, which was introduced to the US civilian market in 2021. The ZPAP M70 is a modernized version of the classic M70, which follows the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” approach.

The rifle features a thumbhole stock, a bulged RPK trunnion, and a mechanical bolt hold-open device that meets most modern requirements. But what sets it apart is the chrome-lined barrel, a first for a 7.62x39mm rifle barrel from Zastava.

This feature not only adds durability but also increases the rifle’s accuracy and reduces maintenance needs. Overall, the ZPAP M70 is a reliable and functional semi-automatic rifle that pays tribute to the iconic M70 while also meeting modern standards.

Features of Zastava PAP M70

  • A modernized version of the classic M70 rifle design
  • Chambered in 7.62x39mm cartridge
  • Chrome-lined barrel for increased durability and longevity
  • Stamped receiver with bulged RPK-style trunnion for added strength
  • Traditional AK-style iron sights with an adjustable rear sight
  • Bolt hold-open device for added convenience
  • Thumbhole stock for improved ergonomics
  • Wooden furniture for a classic AK look
  • Compatible with most AK-47 magazines on the market
  • Built-in optic rail for mounting scopes or red dot sights
  • The overall length of 37.25 inches and the weight of 7.9 pounds for easy maneuverability and portability.

3. Kalashnikov USA KALI-103

Kalashnikov USA KALI-103

Key Specifications

Length 36.75 inches
Weight 7.65 lbs
Caliber 7.62X39mm
Magazine 30 rounds
Receiver Side Optic Rail
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel 16.33 inches
Sights Front Post Sight and Rear Leaf Sight

Kalashnikov USA, having previously focused on AK-style shotguns and PCCs (pistol caliber carbines), recently entered the 7.62x39mm platform with the introduction of the Kalashnikov KR-103 in 2020. Not related to Russia, the KR-103 is a polymer AK-47 clone modeled directly after the well-built construction of the Russian 100 series.

This rifle can be considered an enhanced variant of the AKM-style assault rifles, featuring a predominantly polymer construction. Despite the unusual choice of material, the KR-103 is easy to shoot and offers a top-quality finish for a polymer build. It features 5.5mm forged trunnions, a thin-stemmed bolt, and tight and secure receiver joints.

The Kalashnikov KR-103, a U.S.-made AK-47 clone, boasts a polymer construction and a front barrel assembly that is a true standout feature. Designed to be compatible with most AKMs and AK74 parts, the front barrel assembly of this rifle is well-crafted and offers smooth racking action.

Features of Kalashnikov USA KR -103

  • 100% U.S.-made AK-style rifle
  • Compatible with most AKMs and AK74 parts
  • Faithful polymer AK-47 clone
  • Well-built construction directly patterned off the Russian 100 series
  • It is an advanced iteration of the AKM-style assault rifles with modernized features
  • Predominantly polymer construction
  • Smooth racking action and a smooth piston head
  • Fabulously well-made front barrel assembly
  • Top-quality finish for a polymer build
  • 5.5mm forged trunnions
  • Thin-stemmed bolt
  • Tight and secure receiver joints

4. Century Arms VSKA

Century Arms VSKA

Key Specifications

Length 34.25 inches
Weight 7.5 lbs
Caliber 7.62X39mm
Magazine 30 rounds
Receiver 1.5mm stamped steel
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel 16.25 inches
Sights Adjustable front & rear iron sights

The Century Arms WASR-10 is a budget-friendly option that many consider the ultimate choice for an AK-47. It has a stamped receiver, hammer-forged barrel, and RAK-1 enhanced trigger group that all contribute to its ability to deliver rapid follow-up shots.

Although the riveting could use some work and the mag well could be a bit looser, this AK-47 is still a great option for anyone who wants a reliable, easy-to-use rifle. The safeties and pistol grip are both intuitive and convenient, making it easy to operate in high-stress situations.

One of the key advantages of the Century Arms WASR-10 is its versatility in terms of customization. It features Magpul MOE furniture and a side mount scope rail that allows you to attach various accessories and optics.

The interchangeable wooden parts also offer you the option to switch up the look of your rifle. Additionally, this firearm is compatible with all standard AK magazines and even has a 40-round magazine available for those who want to push the limits of its firing capabilities.

Even though the WASR-10 is affordable, it offers exceptional value for the price and is considered one of the best options on the market. It’s no surprise that they can be difficult to find, as many people have already discovered the value of this rifle.

Features of Century Arms VSKA

  • Enhanced trigger performance with the Century Arms RAK-1 trigger system.
  • Classic ComBloc appearance with an American maple stock and forend sourced from the US.
  • Critical components made from S7 tool steel, including the bolt carrier, front trunnion, and feed ramp.
  • Chrome-moly nitrided barrel made in the USA for accuracy and corrosion resistance.
  • Enhanced safety selector with a bolt-hold open feature for improved manipulation and easier reloading in stressful situations.

5. IWI Galil Ace GEN II

IWI Galil Ace GEN II

Key Specifications

Length 25.7 in. Stock folded, 34.5 in. Stock Extended
Weight 12.6 oz
Caliber 5.45x39mm
Magazine 30 rounds
Rifling 6 grooves, 1:12 inch twist
Action Semi-Automatic, long-stroke piston operated
Barrel 16 inches
Sights None, rail for mounting optics

The Gen II Galil rifle has been designed with American gun owners in mind, and one of the notable changes is the addition of an M4-style buttstock. This feature is especially appealing to American rifle owners, as the design has become a popular mainstay.

The M4-style buttstock offers several inches of adjustment and QD sling-attachment points, making it comfortable and adaptable for a wide range of shooters. While some may argue that a bulkier stock is not necessary for a piston gun, the M4-style buttstock makes sense in the American market and complements a variety of existing accessories.

The Magpul CTR, which comes with this Galil, is a well-regarded option among those who prefer the M4 stock. Additionally, the Gen II Galil retains the same folding mechanism as the original, allowing for convenient storage or ease of transport with a simple upward force.

The ACE Gen II features an extended trigger profile that is slightly longer and noticeably smoother than the original, resulting in improved trigger performance that aids in accuracy.

While the newer model lacks iron sights, it is equipped with a full-length Picatinny top rail that provides ample space for mounting optics or accessories, making it a worthwhile trade-off for many shooters. It’s also easy to find aftermarket flip-up sights that suit your preferences and budget, adding both convenience and value to the rifle.

Features of IWI Galil Ace GEN II

  • Left-side reciprocating charging handle for weak hand operation
  • Compatible with AKM/AK-47 magazines made in the USA to comply with 18 U.S.C § 922(r)
  • Lightweight construction using modern polymers
  • Full-length 2-piece Picatinny style top rail for optics mounting
  • Its tri-rail forearm is Picatinny style and has built-in slide-on/off rail covers, providing easy pressure switch access
  • Side-folding adjustable telescoping buttstock with 2-position removable comb on all rifle models (Fixed in CA for legality reasons)
  • Fully adjustable iron sights with Tritium front post for improved accuracy in low light conditions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the AK-47 remains one of the most iconic and widely recognized firearms in the world, known for its reliability and durability. As we move into 2023, there are numerous options available on the market for those looking to purchase an AK-47 rifle.

After careful consideration and analysis, we have narrowed down our top 5 picks for the best AK-47 rifles in 2023. These selections include the Arsenal SAM7R, the Zastava M70, the Century Arms C39V2, IWI Galil Ace GEN 2, and the Kalashnikov USA KP-9.
Each of these rifles offers unique features and advantages, whether it’s the milled receiver of the Arsenal SAM7R or the American-made construction of the Century Arms C39V2. Ultimately, the best AK-47 rifle for any individual will depend on their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, these rifles represent some of the best options on the market in 2023 for those looking for a reliable and high-performing AK-47 rifle. With their storied history and continued popularity, it’s clear that the AK-47 will remain a force to be reckoned with in the world of firearms for years to come.

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